Is it a Penalty Clause?

Is it a Penalty Clause?

Is someone trying to hold you liable for breaching a clause which you believe may be a penalty? Many commercial contracts have clauses that stipulate compensation in the event that a contractual term or an obligation is breached.

The general rule is that if the clause is a liquidated damages clause it is enforceable and the sum set out in the clause is recoverable. If, however, if it is a penalty clause it will not be enforced beyond the actual loss of the innocent party.

A clause is potentially a penalty clause if:

  • the predominant function of the clause is to deter a party from breaking the contract;
  • the compensation stipulated is not a genuine pre-estimate at the time the contract was entered into;
  • the sum specified is extravagant and unconscionable in comparison with the greatest loss that could have been proved to have followed from the breach;
  • if the breach of contract consists only of not paying a sum of money, and the amount stipulated as compensation is greater than the sum that ought to have been paid;
  • a single lump sum is made payable by way of compensation whether the occurrence of event or events that trigger the clause are serious or trifling; and
  • in a sales contract, the buyer is obliged to either take delivery of a minimum quantity of product or pay a specified minimum amount.

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