MurdockCheng Legal Practice strives to be different. We want to be your legal partner, not your traditional lawyer. Consider us your team of dedicated legal counsels! Our goal is to learn our client’s business, understand their processes and establish a long term business relationship by providing prompt and practical legal advice on fixed arrangement which departs from the traditional billable hours charged at most law firms.

MCLP want our clients to feel free to call us, email us and join us for a coffee or lunch to discuss legal issues or just to catch up. For far too long law firms have been associated with high costs and average results. MCLP aims to help their clients help themselves by creating tailored ongoing retainers so that all businesses can afford legal consultation and representation.

We act for all kinds of businesses, from small to large. Legal fees should not interfere with our relationship with our clients and therefore we have created a cost effective strategy so we all benefit.


The Retainer

Our corporate retainers are based on the number of employees our client has. It provides our client with the comfort of knowing that the monthly legal bill will be the same each month, with no surprises or hidden costs. A typical corporate retainer will include the following:

Startup Companies

A standard start-up company retainer will often include the following:

  • the incorporation of your company;
  • obtaining your Australian Business Number;
  • obtaining your Tax File Number;
  • terms & conditions for your website;
  • a privacy policy for your website;
  • an Australian Consumer Law audit of your website;
  • an employment contract template;
  • a shareholders’ agreement;
  • a loan agreement for the initial capital injection;
  • a professional services agreement;
  • terms and conditions of trade;
  • ongoing legal advice; and
  • simple debt recovery advocacy.

Established Companies

A standard established company retainer will often include the following:

  • an initial website and contract audit;
  • ongoing verbal legal advice;
  • simple debt recovery; and
  • 15% discount on any litigious matters.

Example Cases

Scenario 1

Our client has an employee which is not performing and therefore, requires a performance improvement plan.

We will:

  • draft warning letter;
  • provide guidance on performance reviews;
  • assist with performance improvement plan;
  • draft a letter of termination;
  • draft a deed of release;
  • advise on termination; and
  • attend to a Fair Work Commission conciliation,

all for a fixed fee.

Scenario 2

Our client cannot pay its suppliers because it has not received payment from its consumers.

We will:

  • review and amend email correspondence;
  • negotiate with the suppliers;
  • issue letters of demand;
  • review agreements;
  • provide legal advice;
  • reply to letters of demands;
  • register PPSA interests; and
  • attend conferences,

all for a fixed fee.


How do we do it?

MurdockCheng Legal Practice are able to offer significantly reduced legal services to our corporate retainer clients because we:

  • believe in long-term business relationships;
  • benefit from this strong cash flow management strategy;
  • help our clients help themselves through guidance and training ;
  • thrive on word of mouth marketing;
  • succeed when our client’s business succeeds; and

MCLP is different. We enjoy helping our business partners. That is why our lawyers became lawyers!

If you are interested in finding out more about our Corporate Retainers, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.