Building Legislation Update – What you need to know!

A large percentage of Victorian domestic building projects are completed to a high quality standard. There are however reported instances when things do go wrong, and when they do, it is predominantly the consumers that are left to suffer the consequences. It is for that very reason that the Victorian Government has passed the Building…


Is a family member claiming an interest over your family land?

The principle of indefeasibility (the State guarantee as to ownership of land) applies only to Torrens title land. Ownership of Old System title is certain only if another person with a better claim cannot be established. Adverse possession is a legal principle that enables a trespasser (or adverse occupier) who has been allowed uninterrupted and exclusive…


Defective pre–purchase inspection reports and how to choose your expert

In our article titled How to select a building consultant to prepare a pre –purchase inspection report, we reviewed the legal position that a home owner can recover damages where a building consultant has been negligent in preparing a pre –purchase inspection report. In this article, we discuss how to prove a building consultant has…