From Letters of Demand to Winding Up Orders from the Court, we take care of all of your debtor needs!

MurdockCheng Legal Practice understands the practical effects of participating in a legal dispute. For companies, legal proceedings can be a time consuming exercise which causes significant disruptions to the workflow of your business. For individuals, a legal dispute can become a costly and stressful exercise which may result in an emotional turmoil.

MCLP takes a proactive and calculated approach when issuing legal proceedings. The decision to issue legal proceedings is derived from a well thought out process beginning with a free consultation to develop a litigation strategy which can achieve the best possible outcome for our clients, based on their needs, resources and desires.

Obtaining a favourable legal judgment against your antagonist may be the easiest stage in the litigation process. For many, it is the recovery of your legal costs and the enforcement of the favourable judgment which becomes the challenge. MCLP understands the complexities of litigation and we will not allow our clients to throw good money after bad. Our services include:

Early Settlement and Dispute Resolution

    • Drafting detailed Letters of Demand;
    • Drafting tailored Letters of Advice so you can make informed business decisions;
    • Attending to Mediation, Conciliation and roundtable Conferences.


We regularly act for our clients with respect to the following litigation matters:

    • Australian Consumer Law;
    • Commercial Law;
    • Employment Law;
    • Franchise Law;
    • Building & Construction Law;
    • Migration Law;
    • Intellectual Property Law; and
    • Property Law.

MCLP are not just lawyers providing legal services. We provide our clients with the support and strategy required to achieve the best possible outcome, whilst protecting our client’s interests at every stage.

If you have a legal dispute and would like to talk to one of our lawyers about your situation, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.