Cultivation of Medicinal Cannabis

In February 2016, Australia legalised medicinal cannabis. The regulation of production and cultivation of cannabis is the responsibility of the Australian Government. The cultivation of medicinal cannabis includes all the steps that are taken until the cannabis plant is harvested. Cultivation includes all activities associated with production from the soil, including ‘preparing the soil, sowing,…


Importation of Medical Cannabis

The importation of medicinal cannabis is strictly regulated and is subject to international drug conventions. For such a product to be imported, it must be approved by both governments of the importing and exporting countries before shipment can occur. The importer must also hold a licence and a permit from the Office of Drug Control…


Manufacturing of Medicinal Cannabis

To manufacture medicinal cannabis, the manufacturer must hold both an Office of Drug Control (ODC) licence and a permit. The licence is applied for under section 11G of the Narcotic Drugs Act 1967 (Cth), which authorises the manufacture of medicinal cannabis. Evidence of the ODC licence must be provided when applying for a permit. A…


Hemp Cultivation

Hemp is a cannabis plant species that contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and when the seed is used at high concentration, the ingredient has mind-altering and psycho-active effects. It may also be referred to as low-THC cannabis or industry hemp. It can be in either seed, oil or fibre form. Currently, it is legal in Australia to…


Exportation of Medical Cannabis

The ability to export medicinal cannabis was legalised in February 2018. There are certain requirements that must be complied with and only certain types of medicinal cannabis products can be exported. An export licence and permit must also be held by the exporter. Preliminary Requirements In order to export medicinal cannabis, there are specific requirements…