Did you receive a Notice to Show Cause? Now What?

The Home Building Services may issue a Notice to Show Cause to a licensed contractor during disciplinary proceedings which are often instigated from a complaint. A Notice to Show Cause will be issued on grounds that a contractor has engaged in improper conduct, normally arising from defective construction works. When determining whether disciplinary proceedings should be issued and what the appropriate penalty may be against a contractor, there are a series of factors which are relevant. These factors are as follows:

  • the nature, width and extent of the contraventions;
  • the loss or damage and prejudice in consequence of the contraventions;
  • the circumstances in which the contraventions took place;
  • whether the contracted licensee has been found to have engaged in any similar conduct;
  • the presence of fraudulent or dishonest intent and deliberation on the part of the contracted licensee;
  • the extent of carelessness or wilfulness of the conduct;
  • the efforts made to correct the situation and what measures have been taken by the contracted licensee;
  • what consciousness the contracted licensee displayed to the owners;the effect upon the contracted licensee;
  • antecedents;
  • attitude, building history and future compliance;
  • the penalty range; and
  • the degree of cooperation with the authorities.

If you are a licensed contractor who has recently received a Notice to Show Cause with respect to disciplinary proceedings, or if a determination has been made to issue you with a fine, feel free to contact us for a free consultation with respect to what potential remedies you may have, such as appealing the decision to the Administrative Decisions Tribunal.

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