Fair Work Targeting the Building & Construction Industry

As at 5 May 2013, Fair Work Building & Construction has recovered over $2 million in unpaid wages and entitlements from employers in the building and construction industry. For those who may not be aware, on 1 February 2013, the new Fair Work (Building Industry) Act 2012 came into effect (the “Act”). The object of the Act is to:

  • ensure compliance with workplace relation laws;
  • provide means of enforcing the rights and obligations;
  • provide safeguards on the use of the enforcement and investigative powers; and
  • improve the level of occupational health and safety, in the building industry. To assist with the investigations with respect to whether a particular company is compliant with the building laws of Australia, the Act has granted special powers to:
  • Authorised investigators to perform site visits to investigate whether a company is compliant with the building laws of Australia by obtaining information from a site or forcing persons to produce documents and/or attend to answer questions; and

Federal Safety Officers to monitor compliance with the building laws of Australia so far as they relate to occupational health and safety to:

  • inspect any  work,  material  or machinery;
  • take samples;
  • interview any person; or
  • inspect and make copies of any document that is on the premises or is assessable from a computer kept on the premises.

In light of the recent announcement made by Fair Work Building & Construction, it is clear they have commenced the targeted audits, site visits and assessment of complaints by employees and/or sub-contractors.

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